NASKA Legal Age Rule

LEGAL AGE RULE:  All competitors have the option of competing in the same division all year long for rating purposes, by establishing a legal competition age for the year.  The age a competitor is on June 30th of the current competition year is their legal competition age for that year.  They can compete all year at that age so he/she can earn rating points in one age division all year.  A competitor can always compete in his/her chronological age if they chose.

Yes: Marking “Yes” will apply the NASKA legal age rule.

Example:  If you are 15 years old on the date of competition, the system will automatically populate 14-15 year old divisions.  This is because you are allowed to compete in your current age group and even submit points for that specific age group until your birthday.   However, if you turn 16 on or before June 30th and you want to submit points for the full circuit year, you will need to apply the legal age rule.  By selecting “yes,” you will be moved up into the legal age division so you can submit points all year.

No:  Marking “No” the system will populate divisions based on your age of the day of the competition.