NASKA 2021
Press Release

NASKA 2021 Press Release:

As we look for something certain in a world of uncertainty due to Covid-19, I can say with certainty these two truths: NASKA World Promoters want to promote and NASKA World Competitors want to compete. Therefore, the NASKA Board of Directors are working determinedly to make both happen in 2021. We are not waiting, we are planning. Planning so when the time is right to hold NASKA Live World tournaments we will be ready and prepared. We only ask that you be ready and prepared as well.

The full NASKA Board of Directors and individual NASKA Committees have been doing the work necessary in preparing for a 2021 NASKA Season. We have been communicating with each other on regular weekly zoom meetings discussing our 2021 plan of action. We are discussing both live and virtual competitions, as well as some exciting and new visions of competition. Also, with the forced interruption covid-19 has brought to world level sport karate tournaments it has given us time to focus and plan the long overdue NASKA SPORT KARATE HALL of FAME.  After 30+ years of showcasing the world’s most outstanding tournament sport karate champions and officials, the NASKA HALL OF FAME expected launch will be in early to mid-2021.

We, the world promoters, are suffering from covid-19 fatigue as much as you are, but like you, we too are controlled by what the state and national government says we can do. We totally understand and agree because the safety of our officials, fans and competitors is our number one priority. As Covid-19 infections are increasing around the country currently there is also very encouraging news as well. Several vaccines may become available later this year and/or early next year. This news is exciting, hopeful, and necessary to make Live NASKA World Tournaments possible.

Although we are not quite ready to announce all our 2021 plan/s at this time, I can assure you there will be a 2021 NASKA Competition Season. The season may be different than what we are used to seeing but please stay patient, continue your training, and get ready for an exciting, interesting, and very creative 2021 NASKA season.

Many of you have asked how the ratings and titles for 2020 will be determined. The seeds for the first two held live tournaments of 2021 will be compiled from the 2020 results of the AKA Warrior Cup and the Compete Nationals. The only change to seeding in 2021 is that we will be allowing two seeds from the 2020 Virtual ratings to be placed in the 5th and 6th seeded positions after the live seeds. I am sorry but there will not be any world or national NASKA champions crowned for 2020 after having only two world tournaments in 2020. I know to some of you this is extremely disappointing, but we feel it to be unfair to all our members to crown champions with less than 20% of our 2020 season being held.

I have attached the most current World NASKA Schedule for you. You can see this schedule on the NASKA website as well, Any changes to the schedule will be updated on the NASKA website regularly and timely. As you can see the schedule is not 100%. The first quarter of 2021 is the most concerning to us.  You will see on the schedule that the Compete Nationals has moved to September and the AKA Warrior Cup is TBA at this time. We wish we could say there will not be any additional changes to the 2021 schedule, but we cannot with assurance.  If additional changes are made to the schedule, we will notify everyone immediately.

Some of you have asked about your 2020 NASKA memberships. NASKA will honor all 2020 membership as 2020/2021 NASKA memberships. You will not need to re-register, but you will need to notify us if you have changed belt rank or any personal information such as address, phone numbers, email, etc.

I would like to thank all the competitors, judges, officials, coordinators, parents, sponsors, fans, promoters as well as the 1000’s of other volunteers that make NASKA World Tournaments possible. Without you there would not be World Class NASKA competitions. Thank you, please stay safe, strong, and ready as we all travel through these difficult, challenging but promising times ahead of us.

NASKA World Live Tournaments will be back very soon. We cannot wait to see all of you back in the “RING” again.

Larry Carnahan | President
NASKA – North American Sport Karate Association