COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

From NASKA President Larry Carnahan:

As most are aware, the world is experiencing an unprecedented global event that is affecting all of us. The martial arts community has been greatly impacted due to the need to isolate people to curtail the spread of COVID-19. We at NASKA have closely monitored the rapidly changing events happening around the world and the day-to-day adjustments that are being put into place to keep people around the world safe.

The NASKA board has engaged in numerous discussions about the world situation. As you have likely already heard, some of our world events and many of our regional and local events have been canceled or postponed. It is currently unclear how long it will take for the current situation to be resolved globally as well as locally.  To date, of the World events, the Ocean State Grand Nationals has been rescheduled to July 17-19 and the Quebec Open has been canceled.

Currently, Amerikick Internationals (May 24-25), the Battle of Atlanta (June 18-20) and the US Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships (June 25-28) are the upcoming events on the NASKA World Calendar. Rest assured that the promoters of these events are aware that the current pandemic may affect their tournaments and they are taking steps to assure that their events will be safe for participants or, if needed, will be postponed or canceled depending on how circumstances develop. We will do all we can to provide as advanced notice as possible of any changes or cancelations to NASKA World, Regional or Local events. We currently have specific updates for NASKA events that can be found at this link:

For any event that is canceled, the promoters are working to refund all registrations. Please contact the promoter directly with any questions about refunds. For events that are postponed, if you have already registered, your registration will move to the new date for the event. If you are unable to participate on the new date, please contact the promoter to request a refund. *This is not a blanket statement of NASKA policy. Each event has it’s own refund policies. Please consult each event’s website or otherwise contact the promoter for specific details regarding each event’s refund policy. The travel industry has offered some concessions for hotel cancelations which you should take advantage of if an event will not go forward. In addition, most airlines have waived change fees for most airfare so that you can rebook your flight or have a flight credit to use at a later date.

Our thoughts go out to the many competitors who have been affected by COVID-19. We know that it is disappointing to have these delays in what was looking to be an exciting year for NASKA. We also send out support to the martial arts school owners who are being negatively affected with closings of schools and programs. Many are offering online options to allow you to continue training. We urge you to support those small businesses so that when this crisis is over, they will be able to once again flourish and provide the martial arts training that makes our sport so strong.

We truly appreciate all of the health care workers, researchers, local communities and governments who are on the front line working to contain the coronavirus and keep us safe. Remember that two of the tenets of martial arts are perseverance and indomitable spirit. These are especially important in this difficult time. We know that our sport karate community will get through this with the support of each other.

Larry Carnahan | President
NASKA – North American Sport Karate Association

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) -- Read the message from NASKA President, Larry Carnahan: Click Here