NASKA Prize Money

FORM GRAND CHAMPIONSPrize Money Grands1st Runner Up2nd Runner-Up3rd Runner-Up
30+ Men Form Grand$300.00$100.00
30+ Women Form Grand$300.00$100.00
18+ Men Traditional Form Grand Champion$1,000.00 $200.00
18+ Men CMX Form Grand$1,000.00 $200.00
18+ Women Overall Champion$1,000.00 $200.00
Sub-Total:$3,600.00 $800.0000
Form total:$4,400.00
WEAPONS GRAND CHAMPIONSPrize Money Grands1st Runner Up2nd Runner-Up3rd Runner-Up
30+ Mens Grand$300.00$100.00
30+ Womens Grand$300.00$100.00
18+ Men Overall Weapons Grand Champion$1,000.00$200.00
18+ Women Overall Weapons Grand Champion$1,000.00$200.00$100.00
Weapons total:$3,200.00
SPARRING GRAND CHAMPIONSPrize Money Grands1st Runner Up
All 8-18 Men Sparring Divisions: $100 1st Place$800.00
18+ Mens Overall Light Weight Grand Champion$1,000.00$200
18+ Mens Overall Heavy Weight Grand Champion$1,000.00$200
All 4-18+ Women Sparring Divisions: $100 1st Place$400.00
18+ Women Overall Grand Champion$1,000.00$200
30+ Men Sparring Grand$300.00$100.00
40+ Men Sparring Grand$300.00$100.00
30+ Women Sparring Grand$300.00$100.00
Fighting total:$6,000.00

Total Prize Money: $13,600.00

Synchronized Form Team: Open
Synchronized Form Team: Open
Demonstration Team: Open
3-Man Team Sparring: Open
2-Women Team Sparring: Open

4-A & 5-A NASKA Tournaments

Can chose to get $500 Overall Grand Champion Prize Money. Please check with tournament to see what Grand Prize Money is beinng awarded. All 6-A NASKA tournaments are required to give $1000 Overall Grand Prize Money as noted above.

Sparring Prize Money

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